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Eagles英文流行金曲《The Disco Strangler》[FLAC格式]

peijunyu 2016-11-21 欧美无损音乐

专辑:1972-99-Selected Works

EAGLES-摇滚乐界最伟大的乐队之一,当今销售量最多的专辑保持者(「The Greatest Hits 1971-1975」,目前已超过2500万张)。这套作品收录了Eagles最经典的作品外 ,依年份及乐风分为4张CD,分别为早期的「The Early Days」,抒情作品的「Ballads」,摇滚作品「The Fast Lane」及在99年除夕夜举行的The Millennium Concert的最新现场录音「A Night To Remember」,你可以听到Eagles表演自己的作品及翻唱曲,甚至是跨年的倒数,让你如临现场。绝对值得你收藏。

The Disco Strangler

The Eagles

The Long Run

Lookin' for the good life

dressed to kill

She don't have to worry 'cause

there's always someone else who will

Loose and loaded every night

Dancin' underneath the flashin' light

sayin, "Look at me, baby, look at me.

I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, I'm somebody."

Just slip into the arms of the disco strangler

He's been around here all along, baby,

Been waiting for his time to come.

You lookin' for attention, darlin'

He will surely give you some

He's the crimson in your face du jour,

the fiddler in your darkest night.

He's the melody without a cure and

Rome is burning, but that's all right.

Just slip into the arms of the disco strangler

Just slip into the arms of the disco strangler


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